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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 23, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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an update on the survivng bombing suspect's condition. as investigators continue to try and piece together what led up to the bombings. dzhokhar tsarnaev is now said to be in "fair" condition. communicating by writing and nodding. sources say tsarnaev is pointing to his older brother-- who was killed during the manhunt-- as the mastermind behind the bombing. he says the u-s wars in iraq and afghanistan motivated the attack. also today. on boston's boylston street-- doors opened to employees for the first time since the bombing. the parents of 8-year-old martin richard. the youngest person killed in the bombings. said family
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members celebrated a private funeral mass today. slain m-i-t police officer sean collier. who was killed thursday. was also laid to rest today in a private ceremony. a total of 264 people got hospital treatment after the bombings. boston's major says 20- million dollars has now been raised for the victims. were seen to images tonight showing the bombing suspects during a shootout police early friday morning. to a close look at his image. this appears to be the suspect right there using this as you be as cover. older brother naturally after that exchange and on friday night, young brother was found hiding in his boat in the backyard of a watertown home. the owner, a ladder and checked out his boat. >> i got three steps up the
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ladder and i rolled it up and i could see i saw blood and. a good amount of blood. in my eyes looked at the other end, and there was a body. >> at that moment, will you do it. >> oh my god. this guy. it's a real. the liven up were calling a national hero. the line >>
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been created to help henneberry fix or replace his beloved boat. rather see the money go to the "one fund boston" - to marathon attacks. a closed senate committee hearing was held in washington today to discuss the f-b-i's handling of bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev. in 2001. at the request of the russian government. he was interviewed by the f-b- i at the request of the russian government in 2011 because he was a follower of radical islam.
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dropped the ball, not could have prevented thecalifornia senator dianne senate select committee on intelligence. she says despite concerns, she thinks the f-b-i is on the track with the investigation. para not just for hours today from today's details about those bay bridge bolts that crashed on the new eastern span last month you might remember 32 bolts or anchor ross snapped when they were tightened. kron4's shares on the spot when the story. he joins us now with more tonight. j.r.? >> these are the goals. -- bolts. that can range up to 17 ft.. we are talking about
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a very big job. in total there are 288 lots located on the eastern span of the bay bridge. 96 of these rods were tightened. shortly after that, they were inspected and 32 of those 96 were broken. the cause appears to be hydrogen then slipped into the steel rods. the concern has been and continues to be the safety of the bridge. a bridge that is supposed to be safer in the earthquake conditions. there's hope that this will be done by labor day weekend, but again that it will come tomorrow. they are stone, kron4 nos. --j.r. stone
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eventually." joins us tonight with more. as kron four's terisa estacio reports. this all erupting at a recent little league game. >> reporter: when the shots little league game in town, some parents tell me scared kids ducked for cover under benches. now, parents, coaches and others are taking their case here to council members, asking for more police presence so that everyone can be safe. out on the field tuesday evening, the game went on. bu tthat was not the case last wednesday. all games were cancelled voeresident george reason. becauswe of a domestic sitaution. a fight between a father and his son's mother's boyfriend carried over to the street when shots rang out. no on was serisouly hurt. these moms say it's all too much for need extra prote they don't need to see violence out here. that's
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not something they should have to live every day. fear of being harassed or hurt or something like that. >> concerned parents plan to talk to city council members at the meeting to try to get some help. they say that they desperately need. and vallejo, to wrest the estacio-test process--terisa estacio, crawford knows. - news.
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it's their first time in the n-b-a playoffs in six years. kron 4's scott rates is
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live excited fans. >> this is original joe's. this is one of the official watch parties for the warrior spirit they play their game 2. a pretty good crowd out here. people come out and support their warrior spirit and to some of the fans and they're very excited about the warriors' chances tonight. we've got bay area spirit and regardless, we have key players in the game and we're going to make it happen. >> i think if there's an arms fallout and represent tonight i think we can allow this game. >> i think it's a big opportunity for us to give it one year. >> with of the war is as much as oakland over there. we're all excited to be here today. but before to a really good game. >> i'm excited about the way that plans and will bring
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forward to coming over to san practical. it's a good time for warriors tonight. >> despite being down 01, the plants still believe in the bay area basketball team, the oldest and worst. reported by the center to go, scott rates, crawford is. --kron 4 news. >> pam: ahead at eight. the associated press's twitter account hacked. and a fake tweet sent out about explosions at the white house. effect it had on wall street. plus: it's a case of mistaken identiy during the manhunt for cop killer christopher dorner. the multi-million dollar settlement between the l-a- p-d and the victims they shot at. and: the oakland teacher honored by president obama today. for being one of the best educators in the nation. that's next.
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governor goes on to say that disciplinary action has been taken and a corrective plan of action was put into place. some of those patients reportedly walked up in california specifically said the scope. senator-senate attorney. >>tonight, the fbi is investigating what's being called "the tweet heard
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around the world." the world's most reputable media outlet -- the associated press -- had its twitter account hacked. the tweet says. "breaking: two explosions in the white house and barack obama is injured." it went out at just after 10-this morning, west coast time. minutes later. the apent sayinge tweewas fake. but the damage was done. that tweet spooked investors. the dow took a brief dive. dropping about 150 points. you can see the dip there.where the arrow is pointing. it just took minutes to feel the impact. stocks did rebound once the white house confirmed the president was not hurt. through a twitter account, a group called the syrian electronic army took credit for the attack. the los angeles police department that this wrong. we're wrong. they have agreed to pay 4.2 million bucks to two women who were mistakenly shot at for a manhunt for a cop restore.
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police firing more than 100 bullets into this blue truck. 71 year-old emma hernandez was shot twice in the back. her 47 year-old daughter was hurt by broken glass. they thought there was driving when they started shooting. still no word on who will be getting the $1 million reward that was being offered for more information leading to an arrest in this case. > jacqueline: the cooler weather will continue into tomorrow and into thursday. largely clear skies right now although we are still seen a few areas of low cloud cover is developing here. the fog will affect us tomorrow thursday and friday. cooler temperatures dropping into the '70s and a number of places. by thursday, the '60s and '70syou'll notice a little warmer and the friday, but still nothing like what we saw earlier today. satellite and radar pictures showing the fault coverage clinging to the
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coastline. right now, clear skies and everywhere else. by noon tomorrow, will start to see some clear and off the coast line. tempters out the door, and the '50s to rise to have to work. as a move into the noon hour, temperatures moving into the '60s and '70s except in the immediate coast line. the blue screen indicating temperatures in the '50s. as we look into the 2:00 hour, or 70 degree readings. in your neighborhood, and south bay, 77 cupertino, 77 sonny bill-sunnyvale. temperatures
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kept in the upper 50s. staffers discuss setting a 62. --san francisco. continued cooling into thursday with more clout coverage expecting and that fall. as a move into weekend, we will see warm temperatures. and remember you can watch whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area can also watch it live on >> pam: one of the highest ranked high schools in the state of california. is right here in the bay area. but -- it will soon close. oakland's american indian public charter school is in a battle to keep from being shutdown due to accusations of mismanagement the oakland unified school district. which has authority to revoke the school's charter. says, there are a list of financial violations against the school. we want the public to know
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that we have complied and we do have a new management team that's been in place since july 2012. in our coprocessors that we have already submitted to alameda county, we have evidence that supports that we have done what was asked of us. >> >> pam: 100-percent of the students go on to 4-year colleges when they graduate from the american indian public charter school. that's because every high school senior is required to receiving a diploma. the white house looked like a school house for a brief time today. that's because dozens of the country's best educators were honored by the president - including a teacher from here in the bay area. the educators were in washington d-c for the 63rd national teacher of the year ceremony mister obama says these people touch the future. one of the nominees is a teacher from oakland. she's in the fushia jacket right behind the president. >>
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now these educators behind me come from all over the country. they represent cities and towns of every shape and size, all types of schools but the one thing that binds them together is that they are absolutely devoted to nurturing the next generation. they're role models who show our kids how to work hard to reach their potential. california's only nominee for national teacher of the year is - l'asha warfield. she teaches 7th grade at frick middle school in oakland. altho ms. warfield didn't win - we hear her students back home feel pretty lucky to have her. i'm vicki liviakis - kron 4 news. >> pam: for the 7th consecutive spring, a pair of falcons have returned to their nest. high atop city hall in san jose. san jose city hall is among the highest points in downtown san jose. the peregrine falcons are nesting on a 17th floor of this is video from the 24-7 above the nesting box.
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for the seventh consecutive spring now let's return to their nest. they're nesting on the 17th floor of the building. the video from the 247 city hall falcon with camp. that is clara, busy feeding her three agree chicks >> that will stand the nest for several weeks as their parents teach them how to hunt and survive on their own. and some time at the end of summer or early fall, the world tick off the body territory of their own. >> pam:early tuesday, a u-c
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santa cruz wildlife biologist repelled down to the nest, identified the chicks as three healthy males and then placed tiny identification bands on them to keep track of the rare predators.
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plus: now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. new developments tonight in the ricin investigation. in which president obama and others were targeted with poisoned letters. today, charges were dropped against kevin curtis. he is the man the f-b-i had suspect. but no evidence of investigators are now focusing on j-everettthis comes as another suspicious substance - possibly more ricin - was found at a military mail sorting facility in washingon d-c. year. approve same-sex marriage. today to legislation passed.
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>> pam
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>> pam: update. u-s stocks rebounded after a fake tweet spooked investors. a tweet by the associated press claimed there were explosions at the white house and president obama was injured. stocks tumbled briefly at the news. but bounded back after a-p said it's twitter
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account was hacked. here are the final numbers. the dow added 152 points. the nasdaq rose 35 points. and the s-and-p 500 rose 16 points. today, apple posted its second quarter earnings and gave hints about new products. they put up some big numbers for the second quarter. a total revenue of 43- piont-6 billion dollars selling 37-point-4 million i-phones. and 19-point-5 million i- pads. they met wall streets expectations but their over all sales are down 18- percent from the last quarter. apple's stock has dropped by hundreds of dollars over the last few months. our tech reporter gabe slate shares with us what apple's >> gabe slate:
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they are famous for that. no one knows something and it developed until they announce it at a press conference. apple ceo tim cook broke that silence after reporting their second quarter earnings. seven months ago it was at an all- time high at $702, now is trading around $400. of the decline in apple stock price has been very frustrating to all of us, but apple remains very strong and we will continue to do what we do best. tim could continue to told investors to hold on to their hat. we remain very optimistic about our future. we have some really great stuff coming in the fall and across all of 2014. our teams are hard at work at some amazing new hardware
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that we cannot wait to introduce. we've got a lot more surprises in to the work. so in september we can expect in a phone, ipad and most likely they will enter a new market. my guess is tv. it showed their version of a television set. that will be huge. but, will talk about that in the fall. cooler temperatures in were from 5 to 10 degrees from what we saw yesterday. it was 85 and fairfield and 82 and pleasanton. for san francisco, we hit 73 degrees this afternoon, but that quickly dropped because of the sea breeze wins. debitors right now are a lot cooler especially near the coast line. 53 in santa
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rosa. still pretty mild for inland valleys. we are expecting cooler conditions into tomorrow. that is going to sit there as we head into the overnight hours. it is going to push into our bay shores. tomorrow even cooler than today. dot-com. >> pam: you may have heard kron-4's stanley roberts was attacked last week, while filming his regular 'people behavingwe wanted to update you on his condition -- he's fine, and resting comfortably at home. for now, we bring you the best of 'people behaving badly'. this installment is in contra costa county. >> stanley roberts: >> i wasn't behaving badly that what he says! there were a few people caught behaving badly today in operation drive safe on
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highway 24 today it's speed enforcement conducted by the contra costa office of the california highway patrol >> at the highest speeds they can be in any lane because usually their using the whole freeway to back and forth the driver of thse red sentra was clocked at 88 miles per hour in a 65 so the motor units conducting the enforcement pulls the driver over and has a chat with him then goes to grab his ticket book. i asked the driver why he was driver so fast his answer >> i was going with the flow of traffic the next car watch the lidar gun it goes from 86 to 88, 89, then 90 yes the driver od this bmw was doing 90 in a 65 >> how are you the reason i stopped was for speed can i see you driver license and proof of insurance while the driver looks for his papers the officer explains how he was caught as you were coming towars us about a quarter mile back we were sitting there i got you on radar one at 88 once at 98 and one at 90 and to let you hear how bad the problem is on highway 24 listen to this >> just got a call for 100 mph going east bound but i needed to talk to the driver listen in
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>> why? its important that you give you life to jesus christ >> huh . what" so if you crash at 90 wouldn't you be giving you life to the lord really quick no sir anyway he was issued a ticket for going 88 if i wrote you a ticket for 90 they would suspend your license he signs the ticket but not before one final thought if you do crash and die at least you will be in the presense of god so give you life to christ and do not speed. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com. >> i think of going about 75. on highway 24, stanley roberts, kron 4 news.
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if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can e-mail us at m many fast-food restaurants list the calorie count of their menu items. a lot of good it does. but what if they told you how much exercise it would take to work off that the big mac? details, just ahead. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another.
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>> and used it to just listing taking how much time it takes to burn off that that. in fact, research participants ordered off the activities labeled menu, ordered 139 fewer calories
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than those who chose from a calorie labeled menu. i'm vicky with a bacchus, kron 4 news. that-liviakis. >> pam: in sports tonight, a big front on the local. gary has those stories and the rest and sports coming up. --in sports.
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>> jacqueline: cooler today in the cool will continue through the week. we are expecting spot near the coast line tomorrow and the fog will become more expensive through the rest of the work week. you can see the stock bumped up along the coastline and is going to spill into our bay showers--shores just a little bit. the stock will be along the coastline tomorrow morning and by
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noon, will see it go back off. for temperatures, and we will seek mild conditions out the door. the light blue indicates temperatures in the fifth piece. quickly getting into the '60s and '70s by noon. near the coast line, spain and the '50s. notice, no '80s as we saw today. for tomorrow, 75 n. sunnyvale and santa clara. 77 and concord and danville, 79 in livermore. closer to the coastline, temperatures in the '50s. in the picture extended forecast, again, cooler weather will persist into tomorrow and into thursday. it's about five to 10 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. as we headed to
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the weekend, slight warming is expected but it will not get hot like we saw earlier this weekend. and therefore guess whenever it's convenient for you on a 247 comcast's news channel 193. >> big evening for bay area sports. all four major teams in action, including the a's. oakland having lost for a row, he did things up. -- keyed it. --heated. seventh inning, three hits. a's win 13 nothing. the a's
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13 = zero. they're losing streak is over. right now, it is four to nothing. the arizona diamondbacks leading the giants and the fifth inning. bad weather, minnesota today, 21 today. in denver colorado, even worse. what a doubleheader to atlanta. 23 degrees at first pitch and the old line is when you complain about taxes in california and how expensive everything is, you could live in minnesota or you could live in colorado. giants fans, if you feel like smiling, chad billings lee from the dodgers is going to miss the remainder of the season because of surgery. warriors and
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nuggets at halftime and now, warriors played a real good basketball and a score right now, 61 to 53. duane wade and the miami heat. lebraun james after a quiet start, 19.6 assists. it was courts when he asked. wade 21 to go with seven rebounds. lebraun pretty much walked through the first half and then he and weight back to work. 9986.
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the miami heat lead that serious two to nothing. the new york knicks also won tonight. here it is, mike brown, fired in 2010 by cleveland is now coming back to coach the cavaliers in 2013 when there were eliminated in the playoffs and the eastern semi finals. lebraun said they would like another college-judge coach. oach. >> i probably wouldn't. what
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the guys that you, you can't go back. --once a guy. it's the same guy who fired him, dan gilbert. that same guy fired this poor man and how he is bringing him back for $4 million a year. >> i really don't like to
8:52 pm
talk a whole lot to you guys because you guys above information and you know i am not going to give it to you. >> you can be smug and you can be cool way, but not when you stink. --klay--coy. we will come back on kron4.
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>> for the last number of years the college football playoff system has been called the bbc as. --bcs. looking for to 2014 would they-when they will have an official system. >> jason have trouble all over the world. -a task-- has. barcelona where they were shocked in the championship league play by
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a team from germany. they lose for nothing at the first leg and the second leg and the does want to get out of the house. good night.
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